I am writing on behalf of every one at Cambridge Worldwide Academy Tajikistan to express my thanks to Mr Husnu Yaman for what he has done for his students and the school. We are all sorry to learn that Mr Yaman, unfortunately, must leave Tajikistan and  his employment at Cambridge Worldwide Academy Tajikistan due to personal reasons.
Mr Yaman was one of our best teachers. He always worked hard and showed a lot of dedication to his students and all other aspects of his work. He was basically a role model to any teachers interested in getting their learners to like, appreciate and do well  in science. His commitment to the school and his students was reflected in everything he did.
As one of the first teachers to join Cambridge Worldwide Academy Tajikistan, Mr Yaman played a valuable role in assisting us plan and deliver a number of activities. I am sure his students were inspired by him and if they forget some of the things he taught them in class, I cannot imagine any of them forgetting what he taught them in those memorable scientific experiments he conducted.
Mr Yaman’s contributions to Cambridge Worldwide Academy Tajikistan will continue to benefit the school for many years to come. He was a valuable asset to our school and I can say with all confidence that Mr Yaman will be of great value to any education institution he may decide to join in the future. Please join me in wishing him the best of luck.
Dr Amina Wakefield
Chief Executive