Field Trip to the Zoo

Field trips are a regular part of study programs for young children in all reputed schools 🤸‍♀️. Field trips can serve a variety of purposes, such as exposing students to new things being studied in class or helping children to see familiar things in new ways.

The purpose of the field trip to Dushanbe Zoo 🦁, organized on Thursday 17/10/2019, was to facilitate CWA students in observing animals in a habitat and understanding the importance of habitats in sustaining life 🌍. The CWA students of year four (EXETER) were escorted to the Dushanbe Zoo by their homeroom teacher. Daniel Fernandez and Nazira Kurbanova, his teaching assistant in a large CWA school bus 🕵️‍♀️.

At the zoo, students identified and grouped animals into various life-form types as studied in the classroom. They also spent time in observing and documenting group and feeding behaviour of bird life 🐦. Lunch was at the food court 🍴 in Auchan where they had a Q&A session with their teacher. They finally ended the trip with a reflection question ‘what have we learned about animal life and habitats in the zoo?’ 🤓

A subsequent follow on project will be to make a class presentation on a single animal and its habitat from Central Asia.

Kind regards

Daniel Fernandez,
Homeroom Teacher
Year 4 – Exeter
CWA- Dushanbe