Dear Parents,

Let me extend my warm welcome back to the start of a new academic year at Cambridge Worldwide Academy Tajikistan. Today we welcomed both new and returning students to our primary school. Last year we had a large number of applications from secondary school students wishing to transfer from other schools to CWA Tajikistan but we decided not to accept them. We made a decision to get some basic operational matters right such as launching the British curriculum, building a teaching team and ensuring seeking British accreditation.

I am pleased to announce that our school received its British accreditation on 7th August which enabled our secondary school to open its doors this morning to its first students in year 7,8,9 and 10 Today we are celebrating the start of a second academic year, the opening of our secondary school, the receipt of accreditation and a 75% growth in the number of our learners.

While many of you were enjoying some rest and relaxation during the last couple of months, we have been beavering away trying to prepare for great year of learning. In response to the accreditation requirements, we made some changes to our teaching team and we strengthened our management structure. To ensure the quality of teaching is of good standard across all years and in both the primary and secondary school, all our teachers received training on how to teach and assess the new curriculum.

The start of the school year is always a moment of great anticipation and excitement. Whether a student is new to our school or simply returning to us after the summer holidays, today is a very special moment for this student. For everyone, there is that wonderful sense of a new beginning and a fresh start. It is natural for students to have a bit of anxiety and maybe even a few questions – what will my teacher(s) be like, who will be in my class, etc. But the focus should always be on the new upcoming adventure of learning and growing.

Now that school has started, we invite parents to engage in the school and appreciate the fact that we want to partner with you in helping to nurture and support your children. All our current staff are committed to having a positive impact on the education of all our students. They have spent much of last month undertaking professional development and thinking of ways to make this a great school year.

There is so much that is happening in our school today. There is the creative use of technology. There is the focus on the development of “21st century learning” and all the opportunities to learn in new and exciting ways. Our secondary school will not just prepare students to pass final exams but it will prepare them to acquire leadership, management and enterprise skills and gain 4 different qualifications. Our students will also continue to receive free
music, swimming and tennis lessons. We want all the children in our care to develop a sense of character through learning how to collaborate, communicate, think creatively and critically.

I wish you all an enjoyable year full of opportunities to learn, grow and build long lasting friendships. looks and feels differently than it did when you and I went to school.

Dr Amina Wakefield
Chief Executive
Cambridge Worldwide Academy Tajikistan