On the second day of the new academic year, we have started testing all the students using tests from our British accreditation body. Since all students will be undertaking internal and external tests that will be sent to the school from the UK and will also be marked in the UK, we need to double check all the students are studying at the right level. This will also ensure the students are prepared properly for progress tests and external exams.

Today more students joined us and ten different nationalities are represented in our school. 42% of the
students at CWA Tajikistan come from Russia, China, Japan, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Germany, Swiss land
and Uzbekistan.

We are also pleased to have students this year from other Tajik cities. I would like to thank the parents of these students who have made personal sacrifices such as
renting accommodation near the school for their children to ensure the students attend our school in Dushanbe. I would like to reassure these parents that the school will do its best to safeguard these students and take good care of their academic and welfare needs.

We are seeing an increase in the number of enquiries from other cities in Tajikistan and from neighbouring countries such as Russia and China so we are looking forward to welcoming more international students and to making the first British school in Tajikistan an international school.

Dr Amina Wakefield
Founding Chief Executive & Principal