Season’s Greetings from our Chief Executive

Season’s Greetings from our Chief Executive

Today is the last day of our first term this academic year, so let me take this opportunity to thank all organizations and individuals who supported our school and enabled it to provide British education here in Tajikistan. My thanks go to all parents, guardians and our dedicated members of staff for all the work they have and will continue to do everyday to ensure our students and local communities benefit from what British schooling has to offer.

My thanks go, of course, to our students who embraced the new British education system and welcomed the rich provision Cambridge Worldwide Academy is offering them. It is worth mentioning the students who joined our new secondary school in September. They have been working towards achieving British qualifications and also benefiting from additional education that sets Cambridge Worldwide Academy apart from other schools. They are taking free lessons in leadership, enterprise and Chinese language. I am delighted to see that the free lessons in swimming, tennis and violin have proven to be beneficial as they have helped our learners to acquire valuable skills.

We will continue to ensure the school’s excellent infrastructure, its dedicated qualified staff, its British curriculum and enriching extra curricular provide our students value for money. We also intend to respond to the learning needs of the wider Tajik community and to this end, Cambridge Worldwide Academy will be offering new programmes leading to different British qualifications ranging from higher education diplomas to masters degrees.

We have some exciting development plans for our school, learners and different communities in Tajikistan which I am looking forward to sharing with you in the next coming months. For now I just want to wish our students who have just finished their end of term tests a good holiday. They and the members of staff who have been preparing them deserve a good rest. Thank you to all parents, staff and our wider community for your hard work and support and let me wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do during your holidays. Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating the occasion next week.

Dr Amina Wakefield
Chief Executive & Principal


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