Important Protective Measures against COVID-19

In preparation to welcoming our students back to school, we are implementing additional health and safety measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff, students, visitors and school community.
In March we introduced temperature checks, some social distancing within classrooms and we enhanced cleaning procedures to minimize the risk of infection transmission. The additional measures we are introducing in our operation of the school from September 2020 will ensure that our teaching and learning environment remains safe and secure for all users of the school building.
While the school has full time cleaners who clean constantly during opening hours, the responsibility for keeping the school compliant with the required preventative measures will fall on all users of the school. Everyone has a role to play in preventing the spread of infectious viruses.
The school will increase the frequency and type of cleaning of all surfaces and areas used by staff, students and visitors.
Before the school reopens to our learners on 31st August, the building will be sanitized and will undergo another deep cleaning process. All staff will also have completed their training on how to implement the new additional safety measures.

Additional Health and Safety Protective Measures


The school will no longer allow visitors to come to school without prior appointments. When booking appointments, visitors should expect to be asked questions about whether they have been infected by COVID 19 or whether they have been in contact with an individual who has been infected.

       If granted an appointment, all visitors must wear gloves and a face mask. No greetings involving physical contact are allowed with staff or students. All visitors should be prepared to have their temperature taken at the gates of the school before being allowed in.

As usual all visitors need to sign in and out with security at the gates and they will be escorted by our security officers from the school gates to the reception areas where they will be received by a relevant member of staff.


Parents & Guardians  

Given the current situation, we require the cooperation of all parents and guardians to ensure the school community remains safe. The school needs to be able to contact all parents and guardians to update them regularly or to provide them with urgent information so the school having the right contact details is very important. All parents and guardians must provide the school with the correct contact details (e.g. residential address, telephone numbers and emails addresses).

If a student cannot come to school, the parents or guardians must phone the school the night before or at 8.00 am in the morning to inform the school administration and explain the reasons behind the absence. It is not the school’s responsibility to chase parents and guardians regarding the reasons why their children are absent from school.
Before sending their children to school, all parents and guardians need (every morning) to check
their children:
 are well and do not show ANY symptoms of COVID-19 virus or ANY other infectious disease. Any student showing such symptoms will be asked to return home and isolate for a specific period of time to be determined by the school nurse.
 are dressed in their school uniform and wearing a face mask. At least one additional spare face mask need to be brought to school daily in case there is a need for a replacement during the course of the day. Given to the current environment, spare ties and jackets will no longer be loaned to students who arrive at school not dressed in the school uniform. 
 have all their books, stationery, water bottles and a plastic cup.
 arrive at school on time and in accordance with designated time slots to be advised by the school administration. Latecomers will not be allowed into school because it will be impossible for busy staff to deal with all screening measures for every student arriving late for his/her class.

Academic & Support Staff                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              It is the duty of all staff irrespective of their position to protect all users of the school from the spread of infectious diseases including COVID-19. All staff are expected to follow the new protective procedures and to support students and colleagues remain compliant with all measures put in place to keep our learning environment safe. To this end all staff must:

 check (daily) before they come to school that they are free of symptoms of infectious
diseases including COVID-19
 have face masks when they arrive at the school gates

 get their temperature checked at the school gates
 clean their hands with sanitizers before entering the school gates
 supervise their students when cleaning their hands before entering classrooms
 ensure their students sit in designated places
 supervise compliance with social distancing in classrooms and other areas of the school
 ensure students do not lend each other any items or share food or beverages
 report all suspect cases to the school nurse


Given the additional protective measure everyone has to follow prior to entering the school building, while at school and before departing home, all students must be punctual when arriving at the school gates and when attending their lessons.
All students (with the exception of nursery and reception) must wear face masks when they present themselves at the school gates. They must also have at least one other spare mask with them in case they require to change the one they are wearing.
On arrival at the school gates, their temperature will be checked and if they are advised to return home, they should remain in contact with their teachers who will ensure they are given work to do so that they do not miss out on their studies. Different types of support will be provided to students depending on their needs and the duration of their absence from school.
Once cleared to enter the building, all students must go directly to their classrooms. While walking to their classrooms or any other area of the school building, they need to observe social distancing and avoid touching surfaces and objects.

They also must avoid physical contact throughout the day and should not borrow any items from their classmates or siblings.

No free movement or change of designated seating area will be allowed in class without permission from the teacher responsible for that class.

Arrival & Drop off Procedures

All students must arrive at the school gates at the specific time advised by the school administration. With the exception of parents of new students in the nursery and reception, all parents are advised to drop their children at the gates and not to go into the school building. This is to keep everyone safe. 

Students will enter the school building through 3 separate gates. Each gate will be designated for re-school, primary or secondary. Security staff will guide all students to relevant gates.
Parents, guardians or drivers accompanying the students are expected to wait for the students to get their temperature checked just in case some of the students need to be sent home.

All students must be picked up on time. The school will not be this academic year in a position to watch any student whose parents, guardians or drivers are late. The school was flexible in the past but due to the increased responsibility for cleaning all premises after the lessons have finished, staff will not be free to supervise students whose parents are late for their pick up. Also for health and safety reasons, we need to minimize all unnecessary stays within the school building.

New Protective Measures in:

All areas of the school

To minimize the possible transmission of all infectious diseases including COVID-19, students will be kept in different zones and within their own groups. No mixing will be allowed between  group years during breaks or meal times.

Students will not be allowed to wander around corridors or communal areas without being accompanied by a member of staff.

While walking in communal areas of the school, everyone is advised to avoid touching walls, surfaces, objects, furniture, equipment, etc. While all areas of the school will be cleaned and disinfected regularly, remaining vigilant by not touching surfaces will assist in not spreading germs and viruses.

Corridors & Communal areas

All staff, students and visitors must observe social distancing. Reminders will be displayed in all relevant places.


All individuals entering or leaving classrooms must clean their hands with water and soap provided at the washbasins located by the door of each classroom. Hand sanitizers should also be used as and when advised by teachers.

All classrooms including the ones for specialist subjects (e.g. IT, Art, Music, Science labs, etc.) are large and have a small number of students. This makes it easy for all users to comply with social distancing.
All students must sit in designated areas and will not be allowed to move freely in classrooms or swap seats with their classmates.
Students and teachers in all grades with the exception of (nursery, reception and year1) need to disinfect their workstations before and after their lessons. For the nursery, reception and year1 groups, the teachers and TAs are expected to do this. The disposal of cleaning materials must be supervised properly by teachers and TAs to ensure non contamination or spread of viruses.
All classrooms are well ventilated thanks to the large windows which must be kept open during all lessons.
All classrooms will be deep cleaned before being used and after all lessons have finished.


All equipment used in the pre-school and specialist subjects (e.g. toys, art resources, IT devices, science equipment, science materials, products, stationery, PE/music equipment, etc.) will be cleaned and disinfected before and after its use by staff and students. In addition to this, the school cleaners will also deep clean the equipment and classrooms every day.

Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre is a large space with ample seating areas and this will assist everyone to respect social distancing. All students and staff need to follow instructions displayed in the LRC.
Independent use of the LRC will be suspended until further notice. All students using the LRC must be supervised at all time.
Books or other resources used in the LRC must be wiped with sanitizers before and after being used.

Sports Hall

Our new and well equipped Sports Hall is spacious and offers a safe learning environment. To keep this space hygienic, frequent cleaning with isinfectants before and after the use of equipment will be carried out.
Changing rooms will be supervised while being used by students and will be deep cleaned by the school cleaners on a daily basis.
No sporting activities involving physical contact will be allowed until further notice.

Swimming pool

Swimming was enjoyed and appreciated by our students who acquired valuable skills from the age of 3. To ensure the safety of everyone, swimming lessons will be suspended until further notice.
The use of all shower rooms will also be suspended until further notice.

Dining Hall

Seating arrangements in the Dining Hall will be altered to ensure social distancing.
Everyone needs to clean their hands properly before and after using the Dining Hall. Staff will be available by the washbasins in the dining hall to assist students and to ensure proper hygiene is being observed.
Students will only be allowed to use the Dining Hall within their own group and no queuing or approaching the food counter will be allowed.
Users of the Dining Hall will not be allowed to share food or beverages with each other.
All activities in the Dining Hall will be closely monitored and supervised by staff and students need to follow instructions to keep themselves and others safe. Students who fail to do so will be excluded from using this facility.
All equipment used in the kitchens, preparation rooms, storage rooms and Dining Hall will be deep cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis.
The use of the Dining Hall will be restricted to specific opening hours and no tea/coffee facilities will be available all day.
After the official opening hours, no consumption of food or beverages will be allowed in the Dining Hall and all food, beverages and rubbish must be removed from the kitchens, preparation rooms, storage rooms and Dining Hall. 

Toilets & Washrooms

These areas have always been kept clean and the following additional measures will be implemented:
 The students will not be allowed to use these facilities without supervisionby a member of staff
 The students will not be permitted to leave class unaccompanied to use these facilities
 All users of these facilities must follow displayed instructions regarding how to clean their hands before and after they use these facilities

 All users must clean the toilet seats before and after they use them
 All users must put the lid of the toilet seats down before flushing toilets
 Any incident or spillage in these facilities must be reported immediately to the schooladministration
 Social distancing must be observed when using these facilities

Medical Centre

The school has a well-equipped Medical Centre and our nurse will be heading an enhanced medical and wellbeing service. The school nurse who is a qualified doctor will:
 monitor temperature checking carried out at the school gates
 ensure everyone is compliant with the mandatory use of face masks or other protective processes and measures
 check everyone’s temperature or health condition if and when required throughout the day
 make decisions on who needs to be sent home or to a specific medical facility

Dealing With Illness and Infections

It is the duty of everyone to inform the school administration and our nurse of any suspected cases related to being unwell or being infected with COVID-19. All students and staff have the duty of care towards each other and therefore must inform the nurse or the school administrator if they feel unwell.

After any medical examination by the nurse, if she concludes that the individual examined shows signs of being unwell, she will:
 keep the individual ( student, member of staff or visitor) isolated in the Medical Centre or
 move him/her to the empty medical room in the secondary building where the individual will be isolated while arrangements are made for his/her  departure from school premises.
 recommend the next course of action as far as further medical examinations or treatment by relevant health professionals/organizations.
 Liaise with relevant managers and teachers to ensure all students who are well enough to continue studying at home while absent from school are provided with relevant support and learning materials.
 In the case of students and staff, advise them on specific return to school procedures relevant to their specific case.
 advise all students and members of staff suffering with COVID-19 or similar infectious diseases that they are required ( before they return to school) to provide official written medical evidence confirming that they are free from all infections.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. We appreciate that it may require a lot of effort from all of us to keep our school community safe.