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Message from the Chief Executive

Thank you for your interest in Cambridge Worldwide Academy Tajikistan. We are delighted our school is able to establish itself as one of the leading British international schools in the country, offering a good quality dual education system. Our school is considered to be a landmark in the education landscape in Dushanbe. CWA Tajikistan is a premium education institution giving access to a balanced education programme delivered in state of the art infrastructure.

Our doors are open to nationals from all around the world who are invited to join this exclusive school that champions academic excellence and the wellbeing of its learners. Our superb facilities and dedicated team of professional staff create a nurturing and challenging teaching and learning environment where every learner at CWA is able to benefit from his/her time at the school, grow, develop, achieve and excel.

Dr Amina Wakefield

Cambridge Worldwide Academy Tajikistan

Welcome to Cambridge Worldwide Academy Tajikistan

Cambridge Worldwide Academy Tajikistan is an ambitious and innovative school determined to introduce alternative education options to the current provision in both state and private schools in Tajikistan. The philosophy of CWA Tajikistan is based on combining its wealth of experience in the British school system with the best features of the Tajik national curriculum. CWA Tajikistan offers a dual education system allowing both Tajik nationals and nationals of other countries to study alongside each other and gain local and British qualifications.

Housed in an environmentally-friendly campus, CWA Tajikistan provides a stimulating and challenging setting for children and young people to develop socially and achieve their goals academically

At CWA Tajikistan, we believe that students will only be able to achieve their social and academic goals in a well planned, caring and positive learning environment. CWA British school system provides good quality education, a flexible approach to teaching and learning and access to both British and Tajik qualifications.

Using a holistic approach to education CWA strives to prepare young people as global citizens able to survive in a fast changing world. The school offers the latest in teaching technologies and infrastructure. A main feature of CWA Tajikistan is the integrated business and leadership centres that introduce children to business and leadership skills from a very early age. These well equipped centres provide real life settings where both children and young people acquire and practice valuable business and leadership skills to ensure better success in all future careers.

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