Our Mission

To champion a dual education system that nurtures and educates competent and compassionate leaders in local communities and in a global citizenship.

High aspirations

We will always aim high to better ourselves in and outside school
We will always seek improvements through challenging ourselves and others

Respect for others

  • We will always respect others so that others may respect us
  • We will always show appreciation of the benefits diversity might bring us

Privacy Policy

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Our Objectives

  • To provide a learning and teaching environment that supports and challenges all learners.
  • To respond to the education needs of all learners and acknowledge the need for differentiation to allow every child to reach his/her potential.
  • To create learning conditions where children acquire confidence in their abilities and take responsibility for their studies and achievement.
  • To encourage children to aim higher through applying themselves to their studies and maintaining the same discipline both at school and in their social and family life.
  • To create, maintain and develop a positive image of the school through close liaison with all stakeholders
  • To develop the pupils sense of responsibility for the school, the community and society.

To realise our objectives, CWA will:

  • offer a planned and integrated dual education system (British and Tajik) from nursery (age 3) to secondary ( age 18)
  • support our learners succeed in their academic and social life by providing them a state of the art learning environment and a rich dual curriculum with stretching and challenging targets
  • provide a carefully planned education offer based on the best and most appropriate elements of the Tajik and British national curriculum.
  • give equal importance to extracurricular activities and welfare matters to help all children maintain a balance in the degree of work and play in their daily lives.
  • offer an international learning environment that allows access to the best of skilled teachers and learning opportunities that facilitate the acquisition of life skills necessary for survival in a global community.
  • encourage continuous institutional development and improvement through high quality professional development