Bring Your Child to School

Before applying to CWA, please bring your child to school for interview and assessment.

After your child has passed the school interview and assessment you can start following the next steps.



Complete our online application form. Applying will take you approximately
5-10 minutes. Or print and fill out manually.



You will need to gather the following documents and bring them to school

1. Copy of Child's birth Certificate or Passport

2. Two Passport Size Photographs (3x4)

3. Copies Of The Parents' Passports

4. Copy of Vaccination Report

5. Proof Of Achievement From The Previous Academic Year

6. Transfer/Leaving Certificate

7. Copy of Tajik ID (for Tajik citizens only)

8. Copy of Valid Visa (for non-Tajik citizens)

9. Signed Contract (provided by the school)

10. Proof of payment (provided by the bank)



You will need to make all the payments at the Commerce Bank of Tajikistan located at Vefa Center, Dushanbe.

1. Application Fee - 1875 TJS

2. Deposit 6250 TJS

3. Tuition Fee (Depends in which grade/year the child is in)

4. After payment bring the receipt with you to the school