CWA Tajikistan accepts students of all nationalities from age 3 to 18

The school offers a dual education system with the English language being the medium of teaching and learning. All applicants to the school are expected to either have or be wiling to acquire a good command of the English language. Young children joining our preschool will have the opportunity to develop their language skills as part of their normal development and are not necessarily expected to have a high language ability when they join the school.

Students transferring from other schools are welcome and their ability and suitability for a place at CWA Tajikistan will be considered based on reference to recent reports/transcripts from their current and previous schools.

We understand that students transferring from other schools to CWA Tajikistan may require specific or additional support to make a successful transition from one education model to another. These students will receive assistance from our Learning Support teachers and welfare advisors to ensure they integrate successfully in CWA Tajikistan school life.

Admission to the school and applications are accepted for entry at any time during the school year.

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Assesment Procedure

CWA Tajikistan entry assessment covers English Language, mathematics and language ability. In some cases no assessment will be done depending on the information provided in the application and on the content of previous school reports.


Contact us to arrange a personal tour

We welcome and encourage prospective parents to experience the school and its facilities first-hand. You can arrange for a private tour anytime by contacting our admissions department who will gladly show you around the campus and answer any questions you may have.

In addition, we hold specific open days for Early Years, Primary, Secondary throughout the year for parents to visit and learn more about Cambridge curriculum.

School Address

Cambridge Worldwide Academy Tajikistan 734001, 3 Turakul Zehni Street (orientation Dushanbe Mall), Dushanbe city, The Republic of Tajikistan

Contact Details

Tel: (+992) 44 640 2018

Admission is by interview and assessment.

CWA Tajikistan expects all its students to wear the school’s uniform. Tailored to very high standards in the UK specifically for CWA learners, our smart uniform makes students look presentable both at school and when representing CWA Tajikistan in the local community. The school considers wearing the uniform a sign of respect and pride as all our students act as ambassadors for the school.

The uniform is manufactured in the UK but is available for purchase from the school’s store. Parents can order uniforms in May each year and collect their orders from school during the last week of August before the start of each autumn term. We urge all parents to ensure their children come to school in school uniform every day and that the uniform is clean and in a good condition. Students who do not comply with the school uniform policy will be sent back home.


Our fees offer very good value for money for a premium education in a state of the art infrastructure. In addition to charging less than other international schools in Tajikistan, CWA Tajikistan fees have no hidden costs. Your child will pay lower fees but s/he will receive the best education in a school providing outstanding teaching and learning facilities.

We believe in setting high standards in the private school sector in Tajikistan but we do not believe in denying access to our school through charging unreasonable fees. Our realistic fee policy is also setting standards in the private school sector by widening access for as many children as possible.

In celebration of the opening of our Secondary school, CWA is offering substantial scholarships. To be eligible for these scholarships, prospective students must be at least an upper intermediate level in English and should have an overall pass grade in their previous studies.

Services and Supplies included in tuition fees:

  • Canteen
  • Sporting Activities
  • 1 Set of the CWA Uniform

Services and Supplies not included in tuition fees:

  • Transportation
  • Additional lessons
  • Special needs support